Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's been 10 days since we kissed 2006 goodbye and welcomed in the year of 2-"007". I'm so excited to be in the year of Pierce Brosnan, especially since I've heard great reviews about the latest "007" movie (even if it is sans Brosnan this time). With resolutions flying around, it's common to hear about what people swear to give up, as well as what they promise to start. I do, in fact, make resolutions too, however I don't start mine until February (most people quit theirs by then anyway, so I'm just cutting out that frustrating month). This year, I've set goals for myself, etc., but part of what I want to accomplish also lies in looking back and counting my blessings. It's true, I've lived a blessed life. I want to relish in that, soak up all the memories I can and use them to make this year a great one. The best, in fact.

The photo above is of my church in Loughborough. That is from last January when we took a church hike through this beautiful, hilly area in our county. What a good looking group, huh? I'm so proud to have worked with these great, encouraging people. They remind me what I've done and how I got there; it's amazing to think of how many people help me along my daily journeys.

If I can help someone because of what I've experienced, I should. I want to. I'm resolved to.

After all, it's what 007 would do.
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