Saturday, December 09, 2006

Frozen raindrops on roses...

and snow play with Claire Bear... these are a few of my favorite things. Oh, what fun it is to be walking in a winter wonderland with a niece! During "The Big Chill" (as Oklahoma City tv stations were calling it) last week, Claire and I got to help my brother Dustin put up garland and lights around the outside of the house, a perfect introductory time to the season that's come upon us...upon a midnight clear.

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RoniZee said...

Look how cute you are! Oh, and I guess she's alright too.

Bline said...

Yey!! My Angie!! Both ya girls look smashing in the winter wonderland!

Miss you girl..

Will have dinner at Moog (don't think we ever went there, I just got to know about that place a few months ago, you'd left already) tomorrow eve and then go see James Bond in the Cornerhouse cinema... Maybe a drink in Saltwater before cinema, we'll see.

I've found a really quaint bookstore in Westbridgford (near the cricket ground) where I got some books for mom, sis and sis' partner.

Going home next Tuesday, can't wait!!

Love ya hun,