Monday, September 04, 2006


Whilst checking my e-mail just now --- please don't ask me while I'm still awake at this hour --- I just saw on Yahoo! news that our beloved "Crocodile Hunter", Aussie Steve Irwin, has been killed by a stringray injury to the chest. I'm incredibly sad right now and I'm forced to remember my sophomore Spring Sing show when we were crocodiles. My favorite line: "Steve Irwin please could you help us now? Can you flight from Australia to OC tonight. You always have us on your TV show and you know we love you 'cause you're not a real crocodile hunter....Crocodile Hunter!" (to the theme of the Beatles' "Paperback Writer").

Read more about the world's tragic loss here.

From your beloved fans Evan, Whitney, Jon, Kali and Angie...

God speed, Mr. Irwin. And, G'day, mate.

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