Wednesday, August 30, 2006

March's clouds bring April's showers

Whilst perusing the bulletins on myspace, I came across a post from an old friend of mine. It listed all 12 months and gave a description of the supposed personalities born during that month. For fun I had to see how accurate my own March Pisces sign meshed with how I really turned out:

Suave and compromising. Funny and humorous.
Stubborn. Very talkative. Calm and cool. Kind and
sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal. Does
work well with others. Very confident. Sensitive.
Positive Attitude. Thinking generous. Good
memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look
for information. Able to cheer everyone up and/or
make them laugh. Able to motivate oneself and
others. Understanding. Fun to be around.
Outgoing. Hyper. Bubbly personality. Secretive.
Boy/girl crazy. Loves sports, music, leisure and
travelling. Systematic. Hot but has brains.

Well, what do you think??


Bonn said...

pretty accurate CurlyLocks... :-)

heather hub said...

"hot but has brains...." very true, minus the brains part. hot is where it's at. it'll get you everywhere in life. way to go sexy march hottie.

Kristina said...

I don't know, Dah-ling, I think you are more mellow and subdued than this entry describes. And it doesn't say anything about "able to recall lyrics to early nineties girl-group songs."