Friday, August 18, 2006

The England Excerpts: Third Dose

It's no secret that Bonnie Mayes, my fellow English HIM worker, and I are fab friends. One of my favorite photos of the two of us, this was taken in Nottingham while we were shopping during Christmas time. You can't tell by the thin layer of GAP jean jacket covering me, but it was actually ridiculously cold. It wasn't bitter when I left Loughborough that morning, but as soon as I stepped off the train I knew I'd suffer for my denim decision the whole day. And I did. Some of my best memories are with her, H&M, Lush, Accessorize, Starbucks, our beloved weak arrow, the theatre and, of course, Wagamama! I miss you loads, Bonn!

And on a completely different tangent, for those of you who are equally obsessed with LOST as I am, I invite -- nay, urge -- you to check out the latest news that my brother found. It's not much, but I imagine it will adequately whet your appetite for the hatch-esque goodness that is about to commence. Dinner is served.
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Bline said...

I vagely remember you two in Santa hats... Just came back from Nottingham, spent a couple of hours in Malt Cross after church. don't think we ever went there, did we? Or maybe we did, on my birthday? Can't remember, that day was full of surprises anyways.

Thinkin of ya my lovely!