Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The England Excerpts: Part 1

I have decided to dedicate the next few days to some of my favorite English memories and friends. The group above is the Young Adults that became my family. As a class, we met every Thursday night for devos, visitations or just some good old fellowship. The folks you see are among the most sincere, encouraging and beautiful people that you'll probably never know. How tragic for you.

I miss you all so much that it hurts. "Highways, byways..."

*Also, Happy 6th Birthday to my niece, Izabella! We're totally having a swimming party for her! Life is good...
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RoniZee said...

Who is that hot blonde in the middle?

Carla-Marie said...

Hey that is such a good picture - I'd forgotten you'd taken it. Put some more L'bro ones on (pleeeeze). Mis you soooo much sisx Miss popping round for brunch & late night chats to 2 in the morning! Are you gonna have a real tree this year? You must - I will & I'll think of you & our tree antics last yearxxx