Monday, August 21, 2006

The England Excerpts: Season Finale

It's been fun giving you a glimpse into My So-Called British Life, and I hope you've enjoyed it. While this is the last official "taste of Britain" post I'll have, I will, from time to time, display other photos from the United Kingdom as I see fit.

On Christmas Day, my dear friend Andrinette and her mother Lynette, invited me over to their house for a wonderful meal and, of course, presents! You can see their tree behind us, as well as some unwrapped gifts on the tables. Andy, as most call her, is such a beautiful example of passion and friendship. Originally from Empangini, South Africa, her family moved to England 3 years ago and I'm so happy they did. I miss her, and our many hours together, tremendously.
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Anonymous said...

Angie, could you please contact me at My name is also Andrinette and I would like to come in contact with your fried with the same name.


Andrinette van der Walt
South Africa